Need help with background video positioning in layout

hi wonderful Webflow folks-

I’ve been having trouble on a client project, where I’m trying to create a hero section with video background image.

For reference, this is the site with an attempt at a centered video, full width:

This is how I’d like the video to be positioned (with header text and button overlay)

I’ve been using this tutorial from the webflow forum (technique #2, HTML5):

Any help much appreciated!


Hi @ewoolery, thanks a lot for the links. Could you help to also share the read-only link to the site where you now want to update the video layout?

I assume this is the first site you mentioned, although the link you provided is the link to the published site, and we will also need the read-only link to take a look :smile:

Thanks in advance!

Ah, got it-

Sorry, somehow missed that in your instructions.
Here are read-only links to both pages (the first is to the video section I’d like to fix):

@cyberdave, or any other webflow ninjas: any ideas here?

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