Need help with applying class to text span

Dear all,

I am posting this in Bugs here because I don’t see any mistake from my side. I recorded a video for you how I am trying to apply a span tag to some text in a paragraph and assign a class to that tag.

Goal is to have the “rd” from “3rd” in superscript. Please watch below video, any idea why it doesn’t work? I had this kind of problem already couple of days ago with different classes…


Hi @Idext, thanks for posting about the span class. I am here to help.

Could you please help to share the site read-only link so that I may take a look ?

Also, which browser are you using to access to the Webflow designer?

Thanks in advance

Dear cyberdave,

Thanks, the link is

I am using Google Chrome, Version 67.0.3396.99 (64-Bit)

Best, Steve

Hi @Idext, thanks for the published site link, could you also help to share the site read-only link? See here:

Dear cyberdave,

Oh, I am sorry. I should have read this, apologies!

Read-only link:

Best, Stefan

Hi @Idext, thanks, I made a quick video:

Dear cyberdave,

After recording above video and making a few more changes I also realized once I de-selected the span and seleced it again would make the class settings to get applied. Basically like you did in your video.

Is there any reason for having to do this/is it possible that Webflow devs can fix this behavior if not intended? Honestly I feel it is confusing… But will try to remember and if still having same issue again will let you know.

Thanks a lot for now!

Hi @Idext, well it is working as intended, you just have to reselect the span once created to add the class.

I hope that helps.

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