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Need help with alternating layouts on collection lists

This should be a simple ask… I literally don’t see a way for me to iterate over a Collection List with two staggering elements. Is this not possible? If so, what am I supposed to do to get my data into the Webflow Website? How am I supposed to build a typical page like this that iterates with a simple staggered design?

@PixelGeek, @samliew, @Waldo

Is there a way to select a set of items to iterate over in a dynamic list. It’s not always the case that I’m just iterating over a single item and binding it’s attributes. What if I want to alternate the layout down the page? How am I supposed to do that without mapping the first two items?

you can only do this with custom coding. The CSS code you’re looking for is:

Also, this seems like a great feature to add to our Wishlist:

Hope this helps :slight_smile:

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