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Need help with already purchased Webflow template

Hello Freelancers,

I’m wondering if anyone is willing to help me finalize a premade Webflow Template that I purchased. Template is called Candy. Here’s the link:

I’ve already done some work to the template, but want to modify it slightly and add on…

I’m hoping I can trade services with a freelancer. I’m doing high resolution/high quality 3d scans of objects and people. If anyone who understands Webflow, and just wants to help me tweak an in-progress template for trade… please let me know.

My current website I’m going to modify:
My current ‘published’ private page I want to finalize:

All I have left to do: Add more div/link blocks to main page.
Setup the project page for each photo link on the main page.

that’s about it… I can handle the rest, and add in the info…

let me know