Need help with a 3d cardflip animation on 5 seperate colums

Hey, me and a friend are working on a website and we would like to use the cardflip animation on 5 different cards that are in colums in 1 line, and we just cant figgure out how to do it, we can do 1 card that flipps but not 5 next to each other… :confused: so we are trying now since 5 hours and since we are not the best already it would really help if someone could explain us what our mistake(s) is/are via teamspeak or skype, we can show you the whole thing threw screenshare. :slight_smile:

Would be really friendly if anyone could sweaten our sunday by helping us :slight_smile:

(sorry for bad englisch im from ger )

Have a nice end of the weekend :))

Hi @J2_P_I_C_T_U_R_E_S

Please share your site’s preview (read-only) link and community members can help advise you which settings might need tweaking…