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Need help with 301 redirect

Hi guys and girls,

I have set up a 301 redirect for a single page on my website, ( /webpackages -> /Perth-web-design-packages ) however when i navigate to the old URL, I am getting a 404.

I have set-up the redirect successfully, and when navigating to the page from my websites menu, or directly to the new URL, there is no problem, but when I search for the old URL, I get the 404.

This is a problem for me in terms of SEO, so would appreciate any feedback people can send my way.

Many thanks!

Site link


Linux server treat case differently than windows servers…
so this url (which is resolving)

is not the same as (this url… which does not resolve)

Hi @revolution

Thanks for your response. I see what you mean regarding the case-sensitivity, however I’m still unclear as to how to resolve this issue, as the redirect I’ve setup doesn’t even use uppercase lettering, yet it is not working when I try to navigate to the old URL (eg, it is redirecting to the incorrect URL).

Any advice on how to fix this?

You need to localize the issue.

Visit the url using Incognito mode.
If the issue remains…
Open a different browser. If the issue is in Chrome… try accessing the url with Safari or Firefox.

This will tell you if the issue is localized to Chrome.

Try removing cookies / cache etc. Or try restarting your computer.

You need to figure out the extent of the issue.

@Revolution, thanks for your response, I’ll do some digging and see if I can lock down where the issue is localized.