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Need help upgrading Company website; looking to transform current site into easy to follow video or animation?

I am delighted that you invited me for guidance in using your “WebFlow” program so I would like to specifically ask for guidance with my immediate task at hand. I am a quality associate for PM Council, Inc. ( ) and would like to enhance my company’s website to have different animations facilitated from one animation screen. Attached is a basic rough illustration of how the Home may be laid out where different concepts may be animatedly shown while giving the viewers the chance to pursue the solution to a particular business problem. Please respond at earliest convenience.

Thank You,
Eddie Pittman

Here is my public share link: LINK
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Forgive me if this is not what you are asking for, but Webflow isn’t a web design service, it is built to allow designers to build their own websites. If you are looking for someone to help you build your site, designers like myself and many others on here are available for hire. If so, we can move this thread over to the freelance category.

If you are simply looking for guidance on how to design it yourself, I recommend watching all the tutorial videos over at before jumping in.

Hi @pittmaneddie, as @DFink mentioned, there are some good courses available.

I also think that using our tabs widget will allow you to switch between different categories of info, such as Remedy A, Remedy B, etc, in a nice an pleasing way. It is easy to add a tabs widget to one of your site pages.

Take a peek at this article, it may help:

If you have any questions while designing the site, feel free to post your questions :slight_smile:

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