Need help turning 2 existing Webflow minisites plus 3 non-Webflow minisites into 1 Webflow non-CMS site with Symbols

I currently have two minisites which are designed in Webflow:
and I have three minisites which are not (they are done using custom code):

I’m looking for a freelancer who will:

  1. Consolidate A and B into one Webflow site with two pages.
  2. Create a set of Webflow Symbols from these two pages which can be used to create further pages.
  3. Clean up the design structure, class names etc., without changing the design, and compile basic documentation of how to build further pages.
  4. Port C into that Webflow site as the front page (does not have to be a 100% design match since we plan to improve it).
  5. Port D and E into that Webflow site.

The five steps can be over time in the said sequence. Steps 1-3 are most pressing now.

The final result should be a multi-page static Webflow site which can be exported and deployed on a custom server. No Webflow CMS.

Please contact me at adam [at] twardoch [dot] com with offers.

I’m your guy - This is my ideal project.


I sent you a message.

It would be great to work with you.