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Need help to structure my single portfolio page

Hello! I’m currently building a personal portfolio website using Webflow but i’m stuck on the single portfolio page and i’m seeking some help/guidance to this page.

Please see the wireframe here


  • There will be 2 layout for my portfolio page, the difference is just with and without full-width video
  • I will convert Navbar and Footer to become symbol accordingly
  • I will create collection for ‘Project info’ and ‘Services’

My questions are:

  1. Can i create 2 layouts in Webflow so that i can choose which layout to apply when i create single portfolio page?

  2. Inside the ‘red container’, can i place whatever content i want on it? i.e. text, paragraph, images, video, carousel, quotes or even a marquee text effect? I don’t think i can make those items inside the ‘red container’ a collection right? Because i hope i can have more freedom/flexibility to add whatever content i want