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Need help to solve interaction issue

Hi guys!

I’ve just started to play around with IX 2.0 and I’m very excited about this new feature. I’ve bumped into a couple of issues though, that I need some help to solve.

  1. I’ve set up a load page interaction, and when I use the interaction preview, everything seem to work well. But when I use the project preview, or look at the live page, it’s not working correctly. The headings are not sliding/moving in as they should, but instead they are just ‘popping up’. So I wonder, what I can do to fix this?

  2. If I scroll down on the page, you can see that I have set a hover effect using the style panel. When I click on the project preview button, you will see that, as soon at the loading interaction is finished, something is kind of ‘falling down’ the page… almost like a curtain on top of everything else on the page… and when this happens, the hover effect stop working. So I wonder if there’s something I have done wrong, what it is and how to fix it… of if this could be a bug?

Video here:

Share link here:

Live page here:

My browser is up to date

I get the same issues in Incognito.

Would be so grateful for some help with this.
Thanks in advance.

Here is my public share link: LINK
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I managed to solve pkt 2, so now it’s just the headings sliding in on load that I need some help with. Yey!

Please help… anyone?

Still in need of help to solve pkt. 1.

i ve looked around in your public link for a few minutes.
there might be a problem of using legacy interaction and ix2 together on same elements.

delete your legacy interaction before applying ix2.

and I think, for moving in titles, u should use opacity & move instead of display hide&show.

let me know if this helps. we are all new. we might learn more about ix2 by this.

Thank you so much for taking your time looking into this @Dogukan_Uzak . I deleted all the legacy interactions, and also tried to use only opacity and not hide&show. I’m afraid it didn’t help much. When deleting show&hide, the headings are visible, even when the opacity is set to zero… and the moving of the headings still didn’t work.

Maybe it wold be better to set the heading interaction in a separate interaction instead?

I believe u r trying to replicate the tutorial video on here with some addition to it.

Yes, you’re right, only I want the headings to move in on load, and move out on scroll.

Ok…pkt I managed to figure out, but I still need some help to solve pkt1. How to make the headings move to center on load… it works well on the interaction preview, but it’s not working on the project preview or on the published website.
I’m pretty sure it’s me doing something wrong, just can’t figure it out… or could it be a bug? @cyberdave