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Need help to replace slider arrow and a little arrow styling

  1. I lost the left arrow. I only have the right arrow! Can you
    –> Look inside the website for the left arrow (I couldnt find it)
    –> Suggest how i can get me a left arrow back

  2. The right arrow isnt displaying! Please refer to attached image and website link.


Hi, @Elliot

There should be icons (arrows/chevrons) inside every of that links. You can copy them from another slider on your site.

I copied the icon… but then:

  1. The icon cant paste to the mask as a whole. I would have to individually copy and paste them into every slider.

  2. The icon itself does nothing. You can’t click on it to navigate.

Please refer to the image to see the problem.

P.S. Alternative solution
In addition, I tried to copy the whole arrow itself; the arrow which included the icon inside of it; and when I copy the slider’s arrow, then paste the arrow, it goes ahead and pastes the whole slider!

Hi @Elliot, I am sorry to hear about the trouble with the Slider arrow. I have done this a few times myself.

It’s not possible to move or copy a slider arrow from one slider widget to another, but it is possible to move a slide from one slide to a new slider.

I made a quick video, to show how to get this fixed quickly :slight_smile:

Once the slider has both arrows, I would try not to alter the styles too much, I noticed a lot of styles using large fixed pixel margins on the slide classes. I am happy to take a look at the hidden arrow, once the slider is in good shape.

I hope this helps!

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