Need help to group an event list by month and year

Dear Community,

I need your help to solve a problem which seems basics but no way to find how to do it.

I have a list of events that I would like to group by month and year. I tried via tabs, nested collection, but no way… I always have my repeated months name (which seems logical as into a collection, elements are repeated…).

Here’s what I would like :

june 2020
event 1 : june 16, 2020
event 2 : june 05, 2020

mai 2020
event 1 : may 25, 2020
event 2 : may 12, 2020

And I would like that when I add and event in the future, for instance in february 2021, the section is automatically created :

Frebruary 2021
Event 1 : February 14, 2021

Someone would have an idea to succeed doing this ?
A big thanks in advance,

Here is my public share link: Webflow - Kayaleh Music Center

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