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Need help to adjust opacity on button links in interaction

Hi! I have a “go up” button and some other contact information buttons in an element called “go up bar” on my website, which was adapted from the Wider template.

Every individual link element is set to 100% opacity, but it displays at 75%. I can’t figure out where this might be coming from. Also, I don’t know what is telling it to animate in. All I see is an “initial appearance” interaction which is set to display: none. Other than that, I don’t know what tells these icons to animate in, or how to change it. Help!

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If it says one thing in the CSS and the other in the Interactions this could be the problem. Make sure the end opacity is the same in the interactions as well as the designer paint brush tab.

Hope this helps! :+1:

The styles tab has the button at 100% opacity, there is no end opacity in the interaction - simply initial appearance at display: none.

What about after the initial appearance? :wink:

That’s what I’m saying - in the interaction there is ONLY initial appearance values. There are no triggers, nothing except for setting an initial appearance to display: none. There is nothing in the interaction besides this, which is why I’m confused as to how the rest of the animation and behavior of this element is being specified.

Hi @Christopher_Cunetto, I took a look at the site, and it seems the opacity is being controlled on the Scroll Out of View step, setting the go buttons to 75% opacity:

Interaction: Actions for Hero Section
Set on Element: Hero Umbrella

I hope this helps!

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Thank you! How did you find that? I suspect that the “go up” bar is being targeted by other interactions in play, but I can’t find them either - since the bar seems to have non-uniform behavior, and scrolls out of view/into view several times on the home page, when it should stay in view.

Nevermind - fixed it!

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Great @Christopher_Cunetto, there are a ton of interactions on the site, so I can see why it was hard to find. What I like to to, is to scroll slowly and look what element is on the screen at the time the items show up, then end preview and check all items in the current view, and check every class to see if there are any interactions.

With a site with as many interactions as that, it can sometimes be tricky. I am glad you got it fixed :slight_smile:

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