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Need help setting up E-Commerce

Hi everyone,

This is a stupid question for you vets out there. I am unable to get my E-Commerce setup. I keep getting this message:


I’ve already got my Blog categories working so I don’t want to over ride it by accident. I have a Categories collection and respective template for the blogs. I tried creating a Products and later Shop collection for my ecommerce but still can’t get past that notice.

I’m in the e-commerce beta as I have the email. Do I need to subscribe to a e-commerce hosting plan? I’m currently activated for CMS.

Thank you in advance,


Solved it! When activating e-commerce for the first, It was trying to create “categories” and “products” but I had used “categories” name for a collection for my blog categories. I changed that to “blog-categories” and tried again and now e-commerce was successful in creating “products” and “categories”. I have access to e-commerce features now.

Hope this helps anyone who encounters this similar issue.


yes i also need to know Am facing the same problem. Hope anyone here can help me too. Thanks in advance. Regards,

Hey Jon,

If you’re going through the same problem as me, you may have collection names the webflow ecommerce is trying to create but can’t. Try deleting any collection name you have called, “Products” and “Categories”. If you are using them already just rename them so you don’t lose your work. Then try setting up e-commerce again to automatically create Products and Categories.

Once succesfully you’ll have e-commerce menus and other features activated.

Hope this helps.


@Lucius_Blackheart I’m glad you got it sorted out.

Several people have reached with the same question you had. We are working on an update to make the setup step clearer.

Happy designing :smiley:


FYI, we’ve made a big update to the content of the modal when these conflicts arise. Hopefully this helps more customers in the future avoid the same confusion.

Thanks for sharing and getting this improvement prioritized, @Lucius_Blackheart & @jonsmith