Need Help Regarding Converting a Website?

Hi, My name is Jill Carry and I run an e-commerce website. My website is currently in Wordpress and I wanted to convert it into webflow. I want to ask how can I convert my website without changing the web address and other important things. Is there any way?

Hi Jill,

Welcome to the forums.

You can definitely build your website in Webflow and keep your same domain name/web address.

You would need to rebuild the design, but you can migrate your content.

Here is an article that helps with migrating content:

Teresa - PixelPanda

Thanks Teresa. I want to ask another thing. Many people are refering me to shopify as I am running an ecommerce site. What are your thoughts about this?
I had worked on webflow one time but not on shopify.

You are welcome.

What type of ecommerce site? And about how many different items? And do you have any special needs, like Shipstation or similar?

Teresa - PixelPanda