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Need help recreating navigation from existing website

I’m a Webflow novice and need an hour of help from a pro. Someone who can schedule a time to contact over Skype, or can record a video to show me what needs to be done.

I’m recreating a base template of this page in Webflow -

I can’t seem to create the Navigation correctly, and I’ve broken the mobile hamburger transition when I moved everything outside of the pre-built nav container.

This is what I’ve created so far -

I need the nav to look and function like the original website. Specifically,

  • nav buttons need to stretch the entire width
  • buttons need to be the same size regardless of text.
  • mobile nav includes top 3 buttons and normal navigation links

I know many of you are very generous on the forum answering questions for free, but I’d like to find an expert who I can contact for odds and ends like this in the future, and I’m willing to pay for a few minutes of their time. Thanks.

I’ll private message you a step by step video in just a second :slight_smile: should be a simple fix for you
Edit: just sent you a video on how to accomplish that.