Need help / quotes for an API


We’re in the middle of an Ecommerce project, and our client is wanting to integrate a specific finance solution to their cart. I understand there is an Ecommerce API, but it’s not our area of expertise and I am wondering if it’s even possible using Webflow. Can’t find any information on it anywhere.

  1. Does anyone know if an API developer is what I am looking for?
  2. Can this even be developed to work, cleanly and reliably?



And that would be what?

Your post is a little thin on details. More would helpful.

Hi! Thanks for responding.

They want to use Hitachi PaybyFinance and have it offer finance options/finance calculator on the product page and in the checkout. Taking a Webflow Ecommerce basket, and sending it to Hitachi (presumably by an API), who then takes info from the customer, if they get approved online, then the checkout is complete, the order goes through on Webflow and they are shown the order confirmation page - I suppose therefore bypassing the usual payment processer (Stripe/PayPal).

Can this even be done? If it can am I looking for an API developer, and if so one familiar in which language. I noticed the Webflow API was in something looking like Javascript.



They (hitachi) show that they have plugins available for specific ec packages. I don’t see a published API. You could reach out to them since they are the provider to see what options exist. Since you can’t hook the checkout process in Webflow, I doubt this will be achievable.

Thanks, they provided documentation but barely any of it is English to me.

Sorry if this is obvious but what do you mean by “hook the checkout process”, like hoo-up or is that something to do with Webhooks?


I mean that Webflow does not provide a programmatic way for me to hook into the checkout process and run code that allows me to go off and run a process, then use the results to manipulate / change the checkout process in Webflow. Hitachi’s plugins perform that function on the platforms they list as supported. Those supported platforms provide access to plugin developers whereas Webflow does not.

I understand now, thank you. I feared this would be the case.

Thanks for your help!