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Need help positioning background images behind elements

@Waldo, my orange shapes are image files that I placed on top of my hero image. That image is supposed to be a fullwidth hero image and then the orange shapes have to go on top of the image and the text has to be inside those orange shapes. I just dont understand why it looks fine in designer mode but then in the desktop view tab, it looks completely different. URL;

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Hi @gschultz

I took a look at your project and i noticed that there were a few things that needed fixing.
This video should help:

Since Webflow is not as simillar to Photoshop as a lot of people might think it is, here are a few courses that will help you a lot with understanding Webflow more:

Hope this helps :wink:

Hello @DharmaNode thank you for your response. I noticed you had mentioned theres a few things that need fixing, would you be able to let me know what those “things” are?


1 Loose images on the page had to be replaced by the hero section’s background image
2 The orange bars you used as images wouldn’t work that way because the image is always going to adjust differently to the screen than text.
3 The text was positioned with margins and relative px which should be positioned by only using relative % (helps with responsiveness)

Everything i mentioned above will be seen in the video.

Hope i cleared some things up :slightly_smiling:

Awesome, thank you @DharmaNode, do you mind if I send you a message if I have anymore questions relating to your video or the issues I have at hand?

Any more questions about this specific problem can be placed here, helps other people with the same problems out too!

So, @DharmaNode is there another way of creating those orange shapes in Webflow? Rather than having to resort to an image file of it?

@DharmaNode I am having a lot of trouble following along to your video. You arent explaining anything in it and your doing things way to fast to even follow along with what your doing.

Im stuck on the part between 1:42 and 1:50 of your video. You go way to fast to be able to tell what your doing, therefore I am not really learning much from it.

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