Need help please setting up cookie banner


I’m following this tutorial here to set up a cookie banner that only fires the fb pixel after the ACCEPT button is clicked.

I’m stuck on #1 in the ‘Create the interactions’ section

Here’s a short video to explain more…


Share link below. If anyone can help me set this up I’d be really grateful.

Thanks, Graham

Here is my site Read-Only:
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Hey Graham! Watched the video and totally understand the issue you’re facing. I’ll record a video of my own really quickly and show you how to achieve the effect listed in Step (1).

Where can I find your cookie banner on your Read-Only link? (As in, what page can I find it on?)

Thanks Matt, much appreciated.

Kind regards,

Graham Cox

Hi Matt

Sorry didn’t read your post properly. It’s on Qualify in the dc folder.

Thanks a lot.


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Hey Graham - check out this video and let me know if it helps:

You were quite close, but one of the issues you were running into was trying to select an element (Popup wrapper) outside your symbol (popup.) When you do this, you’re not able to create the desired interaction of moving the entire Popup wrapper down 100%.

Essentially, just unlink your symbol (you can recreate it as a symbol after this is done), click the button, add an interaction on click (which you have so far), and then while still in that same button interaction settings, click on the Popup Wrapper element in your navigator and interact with it as you please.

The video should help explain more, but please feel free to let me know if you’re still having issues!

Hey Matt, thanks very much for taking the time to show me step by step in your video. Got the first step complete, cheers.

I’ll let you know if I have any other questions. Thanks again.


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Hello @GrahamCox ! I found your thread about setting up a cookie banner for a facebook pixel. It seems like you managed to solve your problem and successfully enroll the consent banner. I’m currently in the middle of implementing one myself and encountered the following problem: Meta Pixel with Webflow | Issue with Cookie Banner I’d be happy if you as an expert could take a look at it.