Need help over-riding Inherited Value for line height of a paragraph element

I have a tab pane with paragraph text. Wanted to designate one line to be in bold, but with tighter leading (line height).
So, it is named ‘Important Text’ which I think is a default name when you make something bold.

I need to adjust the line height for when this sentence wraps because the space between each line is too great; needs to be tighter. However, the platform won’t allow me to edit that field in the panel.

I get the message that it is an ‘Inherited Value’ based on the original paragraph style name. - How can I make this text break its relationship so that I can control it better?

Thank you.

Hi @Tine22

Can you please update your post with some more information so we can help you faster? Things like screenshots and your environment info really speed things up.

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Thanks in advance! :slight_smile:

thanks for the screenshot. try fixing your line-heights

I told you, it won’t allow me to. It is stuck at 33px and that is how I want it for all regular paragraph text. I want these lines in screenshot of tab pane to be the only exception to the rule. So when I attempt to select those lines to designate a custom class - the 33px still won’t adjust. It’s an inherited value. Won’t budge.

How can I get around that?

Thank you.

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