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Need help organizing my email funnel with Mailchimp

Hey everyone! I was hoping that someone could help me structure my email funnel through MailChimp. As a little background information for our website, we have an email capture form as soon as you enter the website, prompting you to enter your email for a complimentary beverage. Contained in the form is a checkbox, which if selected will consent to subscribe to our Newsletter. Additionally, we have dynamic forms on each Event page that allows you to RSVP to our upcoming event. Here is what I’m trying to achieve.

  1. Free drink form is filled out - immediately sends a free drink email to the user. Using Zapier or Mailchimp, checks if “Subscribe?” checkbox is selected. If so, user is added to Mailchimp Newsletter Audience.

  2. RSVP Form - When filled out, user immediately receives a digital ticket for the event they just RSVP’ed to.

  3. Contact Form - Customer Service emails. After sending, user receives a ticket for their request.

Currently, each time either of the forms above are filled out, they are deposited via Zapier webhooks to a Google Sheet so that our client can easily see all of the form submissions. I just need to figure out the most efficient way to send free drink emails to the users, while also adding them to my Mailchimp Newsletter audience IF the Subscribe box is checked…

Any help is greatly appreciated!