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Need help or advice on my website being more mobile friendly and fixing blog template


I have been trying to learn webflow from the ground up and feel like I did an alright job building my own website.

My only problem now is that while I think it looks decent on a laptop or PC or iPad, it doesn’t look good at all on a mobile phone. Some of the pictures aren’t correctly sized and look jumbled.

I’ve watched a ton of youtube videos/turtorials and am at my wits end to make it more mobile friendly.

Does anyone see what I am doing wrong?

Two main things I am trying to fix: Make website look good on mobile phone
Fix/right size blog template on Insights page

Here is my link to my website read-only:

I don’t know if these are easy fixes that I can quickly do with some advice or if I need to hire someone to do this.

Anyway, any insight appreciated! Many thanks Webflow community and apologies if this has been repeated on here…take care!


Here is my site Read-Only: LINK
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@mfox_IthacaWealth Hey there
Hope this is a little help.
First the background image:

I set it like this, maybe it looks a little better…i guess. You should use SVG instead of jpeg, it loads faster from my personal experience.
For this part
Watch this video

I hope you don’t have problem fix this
For this part, please also watch the video

My bad. My wifi suddenly broken.
Here it is. I’m actually better in term of SEO. Please do ask me about SEO if you have any☺️
Now this part

And this one also the exact same CMS grid in the video above

Are you ok with this?
It looks okay to me.

I want this to look center. So you have to select on the Section and set margin to 0 (like in the image)

And for the rich text to make it look better, also change the padding

This one, watch the video

Sorry, I’m stuck at the link length. I think you should just do this

That seem all I see. Is there anything else that I missed?

Hey Jen, thank you so much for the response and thorough reply. I am going to go through these steps you outlined later today and implement the changes. Thank you!