Need help on this Grid effect


I’m attempting to incorporate the grid animation from this working website 1:

I want to implement it into my other website 2, specifically in the “before we do” section:

After attempting to add it to Website 2, the grid animation does not function. There might be an issue with the CSS code, but as I’m still learning Webflow and not proficient in coding, I would greatly appreciate some guidance and assistance!

Thank you for your time.


Here is my site Read-Only webiste 1 : [LINK][1]

Here is my site Read-Only webiste 2 : Webflow - Mxsime's Superb Site

hello @mxsime

You forgot to copy interaction from the website number 1.

Website 1

Webiste 2

Thank you @mkukulka ! is it possible to copy past or do i have to recreate the animations ?

Good question. I don’t remember if it is possible to copy/paste element with interactions. But for sure you can recreate it.

@mkukulka i’ve recreated it, and it’s running perfectly ! thank you for this :vulcan_salute:

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