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NEED HELP! Multiple conditions in CMS

Hi there

I have come across an issue in webflow that for some reason i am not allowed more than one condition in CMS. I am astonished this is the case as i feel it would be embarrassing for this feature to not be a thing, so i am hopping i am just missing something here.

I need to hide more than one photo in a CMS collection. The gold circle i want to only show up on chosen collection items. Please help.


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It would probably be helpful to know which page / collection you are referencing.

On the hotel page under hotels tab.

Conditional visibility on individual elements is limited to ONE condition. Your preceding filter is on the list.

You could solve the problem with custom code if you have something to grab on (select).

Can you please help me in inserting custom code? I have no idea how to or what to write.

When you say photo, do you mean CMS Item?

What is the logic for the circle. Is there an attribute of an item that you want to filter on so that only those CMS items are displayed in the list? (not the icon). This would be different than the conditional display of an icon.

OH lovely i just worked it out.

Thanks very much for your help.

Can you share the solution?

Much appreciated.