Need help making sections responsive

Hi webflow forum!
I need some help figuring out how to make the sections on my website responsive, as you can see it’s not going well

Here is my site Read-Only: LINK
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The Read-Only link does not seem to be correct.

Hi Thesheo

Even though you give us an error link. But I’m okay with that. I have seen your Read-Only Link.

Here’s the link for those who want to see the files. Link

You are using a grid inside the container. It will easier to make it responsive if you are using the grid, just reduce the grid columns and it will responsive as well. BUT THE PROBLEM, your content inside the grid was an automatic generated content. Like this,
Now your task is to make it like this, by simply adding the div block into the grid. And place your content inside the div block.

The other problem is, you should RESET THE MARGINS of the content inside the grid. And use the flexbox positioning for the DIV BLOCK

That’s all the information that I can give it to you
If you have further question. Just send me PM