Need help making a website that sells user services

Hi everyone,

I’m pretty new to webflow and I’m currently trying to finish a website in less than a week. I completed some pages and features already but there are still a lot more I need to add.

I want users to upload pictures and their information about their services and have them all displayed on the website. Other users can then search for people who provide the service they are interested in and buy their services.

Features I need help/advice on:

  • Users upload their pictures and information; Display them all on a website page
  • Payment system; Users can buy other user’s services
  • A notification/chat system; Users can contact other users who provides the service or let them know they are interested
  • If possible, a search system so that users can search for the type of service they are looking for

I would really appreciated if someone can let me know if this is possible and how to do it with the webflow’s standard e commerce plan or with some third party.
Link to website

Thank you all!

Welcome @Nfluenced :wave:

It is possible with 3rd parties (not ecommerce) and some effort but you have a lot of things working against you. Mainly the fact that you’re new to all of this and have a tight timeline.

I’m a big advocate in glueing all of this together with Webflow, but with everything you’ve said, better to find a pre-made, drop-in solution that meets your needs.

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Hey Chris,

Thank you for your reply.
I understand that it’s going to take a lot of effort, but assuming I have more time, how exactly can I do this without a template. I couldn’t find any that fit the features

Is there any other resources that can help me?
What features are easier to implement and how exactly can I do it?

Thank you!

Sure thing. Here’s a high-level…

Use uploadcare for this. It takes a bit of effort but can integrate with Webflow. You then have the ability to manage your CMS with those images if you like. Connect this to Make (Integromat) through uploadcare’s Webhooks.

Easily setup those Webhooks with Webflow using this tool.

If use something like Memberstack for user management, they integrate chat tools that work with logged in members.

That was a super high-level walk through that leaves out a TON of implementation details. You’ll have to figure those out on your own but this gets you walking down the right path.

Loads of helpful tutorials, walkthroughs, and screencasts at my blog:

Good luck!

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Hi Chris,

Thank you so much. This will definitely help me a lot.