Need help keeping a navbar under the main navbar


I need help keeping the gold navbar under the main blue navbar:

What it looks like now:

What I need it to look like:

Here is my site Read-Only: [[[LINK]][1]]
[1]: (Webflow - Young Catholic Professionals)

“under” ? Do you mean you want it to stop scrolling when it’s ‘below’ the blue bar OR do you mean to have it scroll up under (disappear) the blue bar?
You have the gold bar z-index set to 91. Set it to zero for the former here.
You need to set the top margin of the sticky position to match the height of the blue bar for the latter.

I just tried both and achieved both (either) result.

Thank you so much! I needed the gold bar to stop scrolling once it got to the blue bar so I changed the sticky position.