Need Help Individual Blogs Publish button is disabled only save as draft is working

Hello Community,

I’m stuck at a place where I’m not able to publish blogs Individually because the publish linik is disabled and only the “save as draft” link is enabled.

And this issue came suddenly, earlier i was able to publish blogs individually.


Here is my site Read-Only: (Webflow - HelloTrace)

What solved this issue for me was publishing the website itself and refreshing Webflow. Also make sure all required fields are filled. Let me know if this works!

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Thankyou @RoryVB FOr Immediate resposne and idea as well but this does not work for me i had published the site in staging and checked but was not able to publish the blog

Also , giving you some more detail, If i will publish the whole site then the blog gets published. BUt if i try to publish a blog individually, without publishing the site the publish link gets disabled