Need help in Multi Step CMS Filter

Want to implement a ‘Multi Step CMS Filter’ with search. It should be dropdown City > Centres > Speciality.

I have 10 cities. Some cities has several centers and some has 1 center only, so when one particular city is selected it should show its centers only.

And if that city has 6 centers it will not show 6 centers of that city only. If a city is not selected by default it should show all the centers we have.

Likewise, when any Centre is selected it should show its Specialties only.

Please help me achieve this.

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Hey @Dipankar_p :wave:,

Have you tried a plugin like Jetboost or Attributes? I think those may help you!

Yes I have tried those, but what I’m looking for is “Filter Dropdown list by Another Dropdown list”. Like Country > City > Places for CMS filter.