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Need help implementing a site search with collection items

I want to feature some items from a collection on a page but filtered by that specific page.

So i can have a dynamic list bound to that collection and i can filter by a term that i type into the page. But i want that term to be from a field on the pages collection.

So say a collection of articles. And another collection of images. In the images collection there is a category and on the main article page i can filter the images by the category - but i want, instead of typing in a fixed name, to take the category from the article collection.

Does that make sense? It seems like such a common task?


Hi @paulinventome I recommend looking into this custom code integration: [TUTORIAL] Using Isotope and MixItUp plugins with Webflow

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Thanks for the pointer. It appears though that the custom code side requires all the data on the page and then it filters it, right?

But if i have a large data set then that’s fairly unworkable.

So really it would be as simple as just being able to pull the filter value from a field from the currently displayed collection. Is there no way to do this, or are there any plans? It would be such a simple change but really give lots of options?


Hi @paulinventome, I would like to help, but your explanation seems to be very confusing. Could you upload screenshots/mockups of what you are trying to do on each page?

Thanks for looking. I’ll try to simplify what i’m looking for

On a collection page (productions) i have a dynamic list. The dynamic list points to a gallery collection which will contain images. I can set a filter for that list, but that is hard coded. When actually i would like that list to use the reference of the production of the current page

So where the filter equals i want to put a field from productions ‘productions.reference’ for example, but i don’t know if this is possible because i can find anywhere that talks about this.

Does that make more sense?


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