Need help formatting a custom email body

Hello! I need to add some copy and a web link to the body of an email, and am currently using the embed element to do this. I can easily add the custom text to the body, but I need that text to have line breaks and a web link within the text. Currently all the text is clumped together and the URL is not linked.

The button and embed elements are in the last section above the footer, in the ‘Share via Email’ block. The green ‘share via email’ button, and the embed element are in the same position.

It’s wonky how I set it up. The embed element doesn’t let me add a button label (or I don’t know how to add one), it only shows up as a solid green button. So I used a transparent styling for the embed, and placed a button graphic directly beneath it.

The body text of the email needs line breaks and a link, but I can only seem to paste the body text in as a single paragraph.

I hope this makes sense, as I’d love to get some expert input here. Perhaps there’s a much easier/stable way to do this.

Here is my site Read-Only:

Hello - Anyone out there?

hi @pminnelli from stackoverflow

As per RFC2368 which defines mailto: , further reinforced by an example in RFC1738, it is explicitly stated that the only valid way to generate a line break is with %0D%0A .

You can also look for articles how to build HTML email (body) etc.

Hope that will help to point you to right direction.