Need help for IOS and Webflow


I’m developing an iOS app that will require in app recurring subscription, and also they should be able to use the web app developed on Webflow too without having to create separate accounts.

The only problem i have is how do I get all of this to link together to work? What’s the architecture ?
I’m not a developer as such, i can work basic things and other things here and their.

It would really help if someone can help me out here on what i can do in the simplest terms possible ? It’s going to be IOS native and Web app- but the user authentication and subscription verification needs to be crossed between iOS and Webflow for it work obviously and then show the app contents.

Hey @Mrirazak! I would look into Google Firebase to use as your cross-platform authentication tool. @jasondark has developed tutorials on how to integrate Firebase into Webflow, and I think the official Firebase documentation should help with the iOS piece.

See here for Jason Dark’s tutorials:

And here for the Firebase docs:

I can personally attest to Jason’s videos being a tremendous resource in helping me get up-and-running with Google Auth. I use it on some projects of my own, and it’s immensely helpful! Best of luck. :smile: