Need help for how to filter and sort a blog


I have a motoring news / reviews website with the following structure on the home page:

Collection List - Top Story (1 item)
Collection List - Reviews (3 items)
Collection List - News (3 items)
Collection List - More Reviews (12 items)

All articles are in one collection. There is a separate collection called categories that contains two categories - news, reviews.

I want to do the following:

Top Story
Filter by either news or reviews. I can do that by adding a filter ‘category - is set’.

This section has the filter ‘category - equals - reviews’.
It also has Limit Items set to 3 starting at 1.

Here’s where the problem starts. If the latest article on the website is a review, this means the top story is a review and the top story of the reviews section is the same article. I need to be able to filter the Reviews collection list so it starts with the latest review item, unless that item is already being displayed in the Top Story collection list.

Any ideas on how to do this or if it is possible?


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I think you’re going to need some custom code for this. :thinking: