Need help fixing horizontal scroll bug on my UX Portfolio

Hi UX Community! Would love it if somebody could help me fix a bug I’ve been tackling for the past 4 hours.

On my demo portfolio site you are able to horizontally scroll, which causes the content on screen to shift. I really want to figure out why this interaction is happening. Some of my hypothesis’ may be because of my use of VW/VH?

UX Portfolio Read Only Link

Thanks in advance!

Here is my site Read-Only: LINK
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Hey ET77!

I believe the horizontal overflow is caused by the “about-wrapper” being set to a fixed width of 900px.

To solve this you could reset the width to Auto, set Max W instead if you want, & make the inner elements responsive such as changing flex direction to vertical for tablet & below.

Or you could just set oveflow: hidden on the “about” section but then it would cut-off the content.