Need Help: Filtering Items in CMS List for Display on Dashboard

Hello everyone!

I’m currently facing an issue and would sincerely appreciate your guidance. I need to filter some items inside a “Client” CMS List to be shown only to certain members on their Dashboard page.

Here’s a bit more context:

I’m working on an insurance agent website where agents can log in and fill out client applications. This form data is sent through Zapier to an Airtable “Clients” table. Case managers update the status and info of the applications in Airtable, and the data is then sent to a CMS Collection List in Webflow titled “Clients.”

Up to this point, everything is functioning smoothly. The challenge is to display only specific items from that CMS Collection List to the corresponding agents on their Dashboard pages. Currently, agents can view every item in the “Client” CMS Collection List. I need to restrict this so agents can only see their respective clients.

Here’s the tech stack I’m using:

  • Webflow for website build and hosting
  • Memberstack for managing members
  • Airtable for database and table management
  • Zapier for inter-app communication

I’ve contemplated using the member’s unique Item ID as a filter mechanism. Is this approach viable? If so, could someone please guide me through the process? Or is there another more efficient way to achieve this functionality? Your insights and suggestions will be invaluable to me.

Thank you so much in advance for your assistance and time!

Warm regards,

Fabry Fernandez

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