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Need Help: email submission form issues

I hired a company to create and manage a website for my photobooth company. Then, a year later, the company is no more and they simply transferred the website into my name and said “here ya go”. I did figure out enough to have it published and working except for ONE THING! I have never used Webflow before and I do not know how to fix the area where it was set up to have clients enter a date and an email to get an “instant quote” from me. This feature is not working. You can enter the info in the website BUT I never receive the email at my end. I am trying to figure out how/what I need to do in order to make it work again. I really need help but I know very little on how it all works behind the scenes… I need webflow help for dummies. HELP!!

@MIPhotobooth start here:

If you are still having issues you can DM me or replay to this thread.

If you prefer to have someone do it for you or for a freelancer or agency to take over your updates you can post to the freelance thread or reply to this thread as well?

Please let me know if you have any additional questions.

It could be a matter of going into your settings and changing the destination to where the forms go.