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Need help - dns lookups & expire headers

Hey Guys!

I’ve just launched a new ecommerce shop for Los Angeles based designer B. James. I’m currently running my speed tests to better enhance user experiences and scoring relatively low on a couple main areas.

Expire Headers
and Reducing DNS lookups

How can I attack these issues and speed up the website a bit. I’m currently loading 22 mbs in just under 3 seconds. I’m sure I can get that down even further…

Any feedback is greatly appreciated!


Thanks in advance,


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I like where you’re going with this and my first impression was a luxury clothing company and here’s some suggestions:

  • Nav Menu is different on certain pages, navigate to lookbook and about to notice the menu position. Also menu size on scroll is different on some pages

  • Your margins and padding aren’t fluid / looks like it was eyeballed

  • Most images have no alt tag [helps SEO + People with Disabilities]

  • At the footer under Policies none of those links go anywhere

  • No privacy policy so I assume you’re selling my data

  • Your contact form has no captcha / guard

Overall like the style just some basic stuff above / stuff you where probably already going to do

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Sweet, thanks for the feedback! Going through and making adjustments today and tomorrow.

when these error fixed, dns lookups error will solve?