Need help designing elements that are positioned off-screen

Can you help me with that?

I am using the template “FlyCMS”
The way it looks right now is

I cannot find the “scroll header” and “contact” for editing. They only show up, when I am opening the site in a browser.

If I am working on the site, I did find the global elements in the right navigation, but when I click on them or double-click , they do not show up, so I cannot change the link-names, the colors and upload my logo.

Please help! Thanks!

Hi @Ninahons I’m sure i can help you with this but first will need access to a share link so I can see the layout of the document and best help you. Please see the link below for more information.

Here it is:

Hi @Ninahons, I think this video may help, hopefully I am not way off :wink:

Big THANK YOU! Now I know … that easy.

Hi there! Now the problems with the Scroll-Header continue … When I am looking at the site in the published modus, some of the Scroll-Headers are below the content (as in Designbeispiele) but on same pages it is correct (as in Kunden). How do I fix that?

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