Need help designing a 3D cube in Webflow


Hey @Loll have you had a chance to view the tutorial on this page of how to create a 3D cube in Webflow using transforms? They can get a little trick but the tutorial really helps :smiley: (be sure to scroll down to the cube)

​Please let me know if this is helpful, if not, I’m happy to help further. :slight_smile:

If you need the share link for the tutorial sites, you can find them here: [List] Official Webflow Sites and Preview Links - General - Forum | Webflow

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Thank for all answer!


Maybe this will help. I think the problem in the video

  • is the way the narrator describes the cube
  • and also… he doesn’t tell you the setup of the parents containers.

In recreating the cube… I chose a different route

  • naming the faces as they existing upon render.

Not Front - Back - Left - etc… but instead - in 3D… Left Front - Right Back… etc.

Here’s a video… which also shows a Webflow rendering bug as well.

When you Preview the Interaction on the element itself… there is no rendering issues.

But when you do a site Preview… the colors in the cube will sometimes render incorrectly.

The bug starts @ 37 seconds when I do a site Preview.


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