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Need Help Creating Webflow Interactive Examples

I’ve been trying to figure out how to pull off Example 4 (Click to Show Sidebar) and Example 5 (Hover Reveal Interaction) from Webflow’s IX Design examples ( It would be nice if Webflow provided a step-by-step tutorial for us novices.

If anyone out there can provide me some guidance I’d greatly appreciate it.

I thought the sidebar might have been a widget, but don’t see it in the control panel.

As for the hover, I want to be able to add the colored overlay when someone hovers.

Thanks in advance. And feel free to spell things out like you’re talking to a 3 year old … I’m not very tech savvy.

Hi @chrisgreer33, we are working on some new tutorial examples, sorry for the delay, we are now prioritizing time to spend on new tutorial creation, so hang in there, we will get to these tutorial requests very soon :slight_smile:

Appreciate the update, but I need to get this website live by Oct. 1. Any help to pull these two interactions off would be greatly needed and appreciated.

Can anyone help?