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Need help creating a paginated flow in Webflow site

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Live Test:

I get 404 Not Found

Hey @fsociety79,

yeah it was an old project. And there have been some changes to webflow too, so the old version wont work any longer. In that case I had placed cta’s within the tab widget, which is not longer working / allowed.

But, I tried to create a workaround and it would work like this:


@Daniel_Schultheiss Vielen Dank fuer Ihr schoenes Beispiel :wink:

Would I be able to combine your example with Collections? At the moment I’m thinking of creating symbols for the paginated sections and allow the user to add them to the template I’m currently building.

Try it out and paste your example if sth is not working, then we ll see.
Since webflow is so versatile, I m just thinking “why should it not work ;P?”.

Hi Daniel,

Would you be so kind to provide a tutorial that workaround you created?


Hey @byefrancis ,

actually I already did:
Tutorial Paging

See the public link:
Pagination Public Link


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