Need help: CMS fields within HTML embed

Hello folks,

I have a situation that I can’t seem to figure out. I’ll try to explain the best I can:

  1. I have a collection for “artists”.
  2. On the Artists Template, I have a collection list of “portfolio-items” that I’m currently filtering to the “current artist” – think a portfolio site.
  3. I have a thumbnail image display for each “portfolio-item”, and then on hover, I’m planning on hiding it to reveal an absolutely positioned video that is looping to give a preview (think youtube type behaviour).
  4. I was planning on using an HTML embed with a video element with (loop and mute on etc) inside it with a field pulling from the CMS to get the link for the video.

My issue is that inside the HTML embed, I only have access to fields from my “artists” collection, when in fact, I need to access a field from within the “portfolio-items” collection. The HTML embed is contained within the collection list that has the source of “portfolio items”.

I hope I’m just exhausted and there is something I’m missing?


Please share a read only link to your project.