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Need help checking site

Hey guys n gals,

I’ve recently launched a site for a client and everything is going swimmingly. However, when my wife tries to click through to a link connected to a CMS item it fails to display. She’s running the latest Macbook pro - Safari, I’m using PC - Chrome.

It would be great if I could get some feedback form the larger community on how it performs on their respective machines/browsers etc. And see if this is an isolated issue with my wife’s mac or a larger Safari issue with CMS collections.

All team member links in the Nav-bar link through to a CMS page, so click through on their names and see if it works.
About>Meet the team>NAME

Site link:

Read only link:

I’m on a Mac with Safari 14.1.1 and the team member pages seem to be stuck. Only the logo displays.

The content showed up eventually after AGES.

I’m no expert, but could it be that the page is trying to load something from Spotify? There seems to be something in progress trying to load something. Seems to cause a problem on Safari only.

Thanks Spirelli, I think the iFarmes inside the CMS are causing the issue for whatever reason. After removing that section and re-publishing it works fine. Just the iframes causing massive issues. A friend mentioned it even disconnected his bluetooth when trying to load a page.

is it help you? i hope you will solve your problem