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Need help changing "current" color of Navigation and MenuNavigation

Hi there!

I am searching and searching but cannot find the way to change my “current” link color in my navigation, both normal and menu (tablet, phones). I tried to just change the colour of it, when I click on the color when it says “current” on the right, but it does not apply. Is there something laying over it, that does not make it do? And in the menu navigation the colour is blue, but I do not find the place where that is.

Sorry for my english, I am from Germany.

Here is my link

Please help. Thank you!

Hi Ninahons,

You have text blocks nested in link blocks. Which means that changing the color of the typography on the link block isn’t going to apply on the text blocks.

To fix this, replace the link blocks with text links:

Hope this helps!


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