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Need help building my site - Different screen sizes nightmare!

Hello Webflow Community.

I have recently begun using Webflow and I’m still getting my bearings.
I have issues I don’t know how to tackle.

I’m having issues with device screen sizes.
I designed the site exactly like my client wanted based on their design in Adobe XD and it looks like it should on my screen.

Whenever I send I preview to my client, they come back with a screenshot from a monitor in their office and they are trying to explain that sites look different on different sizes screens. Who would have thought? A?

They are going crazy over a 10px difference on different screens and it’s becoming a NIGHTMARE.

Each time I try to fix the issues they have, they find A FUCKING NEW screen from god know where that is displaying some text differently than another screen.

My question is, how am I supposed to optimize the webpage to look the EXACTLY THE SAME if everything looks normal on my screen and I can’t even see or check how it will look on other screens before sending it to the client. I personally don’t give a damn about small differences, but a client called me 19 times today and stressed beyond belief.

Its a nightmare. They have offices with more than 100 different computers with different monitors with different sizes, OS’s and browsers, and every time I fix something based on a screenshot they sent me, another screen starts displaying stuff a bit differently and they go crazy about it. It’s a never ending story and it’s deterring me from real work.

What can I do to tackle this, apart from destroying all the monitors they have.
And btw, monitors are not the only issue, they have MULTIPLE DIFFERENT UNUPDATED BROWSERS and all HELL is breaking loose every time I send an update.

I’m about to cancel the order and give the money back, as I don’t see any solutions to this. 2 developers before me quit, and I’m beginning to see why.

How should I solve this?
At first, I was using PX values for everything and I thought VH and VW will solve some issues. Its even worst now! What am I wrong in my design process. All tips are welcome!

Thank you very much

Here is my site Read-Only:

Customers screenshot )i can send you 100s more that look abit differently:

Mine screenshoot:

Hi, have you figured out the solution? Im currently having the exact same problem…

Hi @Evka_Hamornikova,

What specifically is your issue? This post was from 2018 and we have updated our system numerous times since this post. Can you provide a share link and a description of what issues you are having? I will be happy to help/guide you?

Please let me know if you have any other questions,

~ Happy Designing ~