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NEED HELP ASAP - Membership integration that allows user profile autmotation

I’m working on a big membership site right now and I’ve run into a major issue with using Memberstack, their API doesn’t allow for user profile updates to happen via zappier or other automation tools.

My client currently has their members join their community via Patreon and the plan was to mass upload current users into Patreon via CSV file and then any new member who signs up on Patreon would have their data transferred into Memberstack via Zappier. This part works perfectly. What DOESN’T work, is when a user goes to update their membership in Patreon (cancel membership, upgrade/downgrade membership levels, etc.). They have over 10,000 members right now, so it wouldn’t be realistic to monitor membership updates and manually edit them in Memberstack. I’ve also already tried to convince my client to drop Patreon and transfer all membership functionality to Memberstack, which would allow people to update their profiles, but they aren’t currently able to do that.

SO, my questions are…does anyone know of ANY membership integration that can:
1)Accommodate the amount of current members and new members my client has?
2) Allow for profile updates to happen via automation (Patreon > Zap > membership integration)?
3) Is there a Memberstack work around I’m missing?

I’ve already researched MemberSpace and Outseta. Neither platform can accommodate #1 or #2.

Any help is appreciated and the sooner the better, as this single issue is delaying launch :frowning:

Thank you!!!