Need help about URL structure


I would like to review the pages linked to the blog part of my site.

This blog part remains in front of Blog but becomes a boite-a-outils in the url.
To this blog part, I attach 3 parts:

  • articles which are themselves divided into 3 categories (part 1)
  • downloadable documents : Documents à télécharger (part 2)
  • a glossary : Glossaire (part 3)

It turns out that the url of the 1st part should be called: of my articles since it is the one which appears when clicking on the article part
Then if I switch to another category of articles: 2
Finally the 3rd category which should be called: 3

Finally, each article contained in the category should be called: / article 1 …
However, today, my categories of articles and my articles have urls which do not correspond at all.
Can you help me ?