Need freelancer to make product images change depending on the filter chosen

Just when I thought I had appeased my client with these filters, she now wants the image to change based on what filter they have chosen. For example, if a user has chosen “rose gold” and a product has silver, gold and rose gold variations, the rose gold image would show instead of the default (which is likely silver since I have it sorted by the lowest priced item).

Here is my site:
Staging -

Read-only -

Here is an example of what she is wanting:

I’m aware this will be a lot of work and likely have to set up my collections differently, but wondering if someone would want to take this on and provide me with a quote. Thanks!

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@samliew do you think this is something you could figure out?

I believe this is something that can be accomplished with Isotope filtering. Let me inspect you collections structure and give feedback.

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Cool. Thanks. As long as I can pay someone to do this at this point. I am exhausted from getting the filters to the point they’re at and looks like I’m going to have to change a bunch of stuff (including the collections set up) now.

Hi @outerwhitespace, if you still need help on this you can contact me at :slight_smile:


Thanks, but I found someone. Wasn’t sure if you’d be able to take it on with the new features. Will keep you in mind in the future. Thanks!

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Just sent an email through your website :slight_smile: