Need Freelancer to inexpensively build using our designs-multiple opportunities

We need someone who can QUICKLY and INEXPENSIVELY churn out sites following our design templates. Some alteration of templates may be necessary on rare occasions. This is a volume situation. Not looking for someone to offer creativity, just production of sites. This is opportunity for repeat work. Please reply with your lowest rate as this is the most important factor. Thank you!


I can surely assist you with your requirements.

Please add me on Skype: cis.troy or mail me :

Looking forward


Hey @RobertGenovesi I definitely think I can help here. Just sent you a private message. Thanks!

Hey sending you a private message. Im an expert at reproduction QUICKLY.


I have ten years web design experience. I’m fast, affordable and reliable.

Sending you a pm with more info.


Hell no! I would never work for you, we are humans not a bunch of robots behind a desk.
Guys/Girls freelancers don’t do it, charge your normal rates.
Sound like they are making the net ugly anyways with churn out builds.



Can’t hit that like button more than once but I’m mentally pressing it 1000x times!

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Let me ask to the following:
For how much are you selling each of those templates and what percentage are you willing to pay to a designer to build them?

It is only fair that the magic number suits a combo between company profit and the value that the designer brings to the table and, ultimately how he helps your company grow.

If you are so open about your expectations, would you also be willing to be transparent about your numbers?


HA! never seen that one

I like the classic ven diagram

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To be fair, @RobertGenovesi did ask just for the FAST and CHEAP parts, not for the GOOD one. The offer seems pretty transparent to me…