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Need freelancer to create Custom Forms

Hey guys!! Im not a developer, just using webflow to create some quoting sites for my current businesses. I am running into a bottle neck when it comes to the forms I have created. They are very limited when it comes to calculating totals or attributing money values based on selections made. Is there anyone who does freelance work that could give me a quote for some custom forms, and then show me how change the values myself? HELP!!


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Hey Ash, please consider sharing a read only link to your project.

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Hey guys thanks for the AMAZING response. I have got in touch with a few of you for some more details. Thank you to the others. If things don’t pan out I will get in touch. I will also keep all your info for future custom work that I will certainly need. I am building 2 different sites for my two small businesses. Talk soon !


Hi Ash,

You can also reach me out in that case.
Please check PM.

Best Regards,
Sofia G

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